Do you find yourself longing for summer to end so your children can return to school (and quit bothering you)? Do you secretly feel guilty about that, knowing you must be the worst parent ever?

Help is available! Enroll in our parenting classes or coaching and experience the following benefits….

  • Help you to actually enjoy your kids
  • Eliminate yelling and screaming
  • Help you to parent with confidence
  • Eliminate self-doubt and nagging guilt about not doing the right thing
  • have your children contribute to the family workload rather than the parent(s) doing everything

Yes, you can actually enjoy your kids. Yes, you can actually enjoy these little people that you brought into this world. There was once a time when I had a very difficult I’m enjoying my kids. I had read several books and even obtained a master’s degree in counseling. Surely that would prepare me to be a great parents! Boy, was I mistaken.

It seems I was often angry, quickly and losing my temper with my children. It was no small surprise when we went on the beach vacation with my parents, my child (we only had one at that time) wanted to do was hang around with his grandfather. I was angry and devastated. It seems like no matter what I did, I could not forge a meaningful connection with to my child. Thankfully, all that has changed. And I know it can change for you as well. Let us show you how to enjoy your child (ren).