Experience the following benefits with career coaching….

  • renewed meaning as you pursue work that you love
  • rediscovery of your unique gifts and what makes you tick
  • a new purpose as you make your dreams a reality
  • less stress
  • improvement in your relationships

Do you feel like you are stuck and desperately need a career change – but you don’t know how to make that change? Whether you are a high school student concerned about what’s next, graduating from college with a degree you don’t want to utilize, or simply in the work force working a job you hate (this was me!), we can help you.

I have come to a point (I used to not think or live this way) where I believe all people are Pre-Great. In other words, each individual has a unique contribution that only he can make to this world! Everyone has core strengths that need to be discovered and utilized. However, most of my clients – at least in initial sessions – have lost touch with these strengths. Do not deprive the world any longer! Find out what you were created to do and start doing it today!

If you read my story, you know that I hired a life/career coach. There is just something about having a neutral, third-party professional take a look at your life and work. I remember one moment in particular that was eye-opening to me. The company that I had worked for was bought out by a much larger company. Although my job title stayed the same, my job description changed dramatically.  I could not figure out why I once loved this job but now I absolutely hated the job!  My coach simply pointed out that I actually had had two very different jobs, rather than the one.  I know that sounds pretty obvious and basic – but it was an important, aha moment that brought me a new understanding. 

One of the questions I asked on the career coaching initial questionnaire is about what fears the client may have. In nearly every case, the client says that they fear the career coaching will not help them in that they will end up in the in the same place that they started. Sadly, some of these do nothing and never make a move towards work that they love! (This is one of the reasons I offer a 100% money-back guarantee!) Sometimes it seems people would prefer to be miserable and have something to complain about all the time.

Think of career coaching as an investment. For me personally, it was an investment in my happiness, health, and family. I am much easier to live with now that I’m not dragging myself to a miserable job Monday through Friday. Not only that, but emotional and physical health has improved.

In the past, we required people to sign up for a 4-session package at around $1000 or so (this is what most coaches do). But we have changed that! If we can give you everything you need to get going in one session, then that is what we do! So you will not need to pay for sessions you really don’t need.

Life is too short to work a job that you hate….so give me a call!