homeMost parents waste about $20,000 to $60,000 paying for their child to go to college, switch majors several times (75% of college students do), culminating in the child finally figuring out a career during the third or fourth year of college! What makes this even more disturbing is that their child then graduates and cannot find a full time job in their field!

I have never come across a parent who does not sincerely want to do the right thing for their child. To that end, parents fork out a ton of money to ensure the child’s greatest achievement in sports, even though a highschool boy or girls basketball player only has a .03% chance of playing professionally. Could your child be 3 of the 10,000 that actually make it? Perhaps. But the other 9997, like you and I, will actually need to choose a career and find a job. And this is where career coaching for students enters the picture.

Consider one of our recent case studies. In working with Matthew, we noticed that he had this drive or compulsion to take things apart! Smart phones, Wii consoles, remote controlled helicopters…you name it. Rather than screaming at him and berating him, we knew that this is a typical trait of engineers. In addition to this, he seemed to love video games a little more than your average boy – if that is possible.

Because of this, we advised him to enroll in a video game design class at a local “kids college” program during the summer. As expected, he loved it and it only fueled his passion to learn more. He also repairs handheld video games for a very nominal fee. Currently, we are seeking an internship at a local cell phone repair store.

Matthew is only 13 years old.

Even at age 13, however, the opportunities are endless! Whether he starts his own business, goes to a vocational school, or obtains a four year college degree in computer engineering…he knows what he wants to do.

Because I did not really figure things out until I was in my forties, it is never too late! Please give us a call and do right for your child today.