Did you know most businesses overspend by an average of 20%? With business coaching, we primarily focus on reducing overhead.  With few exceptions, as businesses grow, they are often less careful with negotiating contracts and curtailing their spending. Some of the more common areas that small businesses overspend include internet and phone contracts, marketing, and credit card processing. Because of business coaching, the owner of GT Automotive now puts $25,000 more dollars back in his pocket every year!

In our opinion, business owners must be very careful about leveraging their time. For example, I have a friend that used to accumulate great savings on groceries. However, he would spend hours and hours and go to one grocery store after another just to obtain a small savings. My question to you: is it worth your time and energy to do all the research necessary to lower your overhead? Or, might it be better to hire an experienced professional and for you to continue doing what you do best?

The fee structure is a little different with this option – but in a way that benefits the business owner! We will do a free consultation to ensure there are indeed costs that can be reduced. If we find anything and you choose to make the recommended changes, then we receive 35% of the annual savings. If we cannot find ways to reduce your expenses, then you do not pay one dime (i.e. we receive payment only when we get results)!

For more information about how I saved GT Automotive nearly $25,000 a year, head over to this case study page


Brad Moore