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By November 5, 2013Financial Blog

Here is the link to my television interview with Sheba Turk, which aired Tuesday, October 29 at 9:00 PM. She was great to talk to and you just gotta love the name — Sheba Turk! As far as I know, this is her real name and not a name that was created just because it sounded cool!

In this newsletter, I want to briefly cover the points that I mentioned in the interview. Keep in mind the topic: Moving from a Dead-End Job To a Fulfilling Career.

  • Change is Possible – Recent research shows that only 30% of US workers are engaged! The flip-side of this is that 70% of US workers are either bored to tears with their work or working to actively undermine the very company that they work for. Based on this research, most US workers need a job change. If a guy stuck in a cubicle (me!) talking on the phone all day can transition to meaningful and fulfilling work, then so can you!
  • Seek Help – If you are one of the 70% who hates their work, chances are you have lost sight of who you are, your unique strengths, and the tremendous contribution that you can make  to this world. Although a career coach can definitely help you to get back on track quickly, you may eventually accomplish the same results with a friend. Tim Ferris — author of The Four Hour Workweek — did exactly that with a close friend of his. Anytime that Tim felt like his friend was getting off track and no longer pursuing his dream, Tim would give his friend a call asking, “Have you become the overweight bald man driving the red BMW convertible”? For Tim and his friend, this served as a metaphor for those who were just working a mundane day job, awaiting retirement. These phone calls served as motivation to begin pursuing the dream again.
  • Take Action! –  I placed the exclamation point there for emphasis! I have had clients who recognized that change was possible, sought help, became reacquainted with their strengths and again believed that they had something to offer the world. But sadly, they did not take action. One of the task in coaching is to identify sabotagers – characteristics or habits that will sabotage your success. I have had individuals who — through coaching — had identified great job possibilities. However, in their desire to have the most perfect resume ever created (which would not guarantee a job anyway!), they procrastinated and never sent the resume within the deadline. You must take action and not just talk about it.

Yes, based on my television interview and work with clients, change is possible! Call me at 504-298-2896 and let’s start that process today.

Brad Moore

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