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Time and time again, I hear comments that go something like this: I do not need a job… I need a new career!!

Because of my own past experiences looking for a career (rather than a job), I totally get that. Sadly, I was 44 years old (prehistoric, right?) before I found a career.  It’s my hope that you will  NOT be prehistoric by the time you find your career! At the same time, I never look at any experience – even when it’s horrible – as being wasted.

This exercise is very simple but it can reveal so much about who you are and what you love. Here’s how it works…

  • Print a copy of your resume’.
  • For each job that you have done, give it a ranking from 1-10. A “1”  indicates that you were completely miserable in that job. On the other hand, a “10” means that you love the job and probably would’ve done it for free (well… maybe not for free!).
  • For each job, right down the different tasks associated with that specific job (hopefully, you will have most of this information already on your resume’). Now, I want you to rank each task in the same way that you ranked each of your jobs.
  • Take  note of every task that is ranked “7” or higher. For whatever job that you choose, make sure you are doing plenty of these types of activities. If you haven’t really had a “real job” yet, then think of different chores, activities, or hobbies that you have had  over the years (mowing grass, collecting baseball cards, cooking meals, etc.).

This simple exercise can prove incredibly helpful! However, this exercise alone may or may not be enough to help you find your new career and work that you love. Here’s the types of people that I have observed…

  1. Always Known folks –  These folks drive me crazy! It just seems that they have always known what they wanted to be when they grew up. One of my closest friends, Paul, knew from birth (at least it seems that way!) that he wanted to be a medical doctor. Guess what he is now doing? Of course ..the doctor thing.
  2. Stumblers – These people don’t really have a clear idea of what they need to be doing. However, at some point in life they luckily Stumble into work that they love. Know anyone like this?
  3. People Like Me – For these folks, sometimes it seems impossible that they will ever find work they love. I was sometimes told that I could do anything I wanted — which only makes things worse! I am trying to narrow things down here — not find new possibilities! I suppose that People Like Me can eventually find their own way.  However, I was never able to do so.  I needed a coach to help me find a new career.  Would I have figured it out after five years? Maybe so…but I am so glad that I did not wait that long.  If you have ever had a job that you hated, even one day often feels like an eternity. And what about the stress that it puts on your friends/family as well as your health?

If you have a second, I would love to hear how this exercise goes for you!

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