Is EVERYTHING negotiable??

By November 2, 2011Financial Blog

Pretty much. You know those hamburgers that Burger King failed to make your way for the upteenth time? They’re negotiable. Oftentimes, they’ll give them to you – along with the burgers made your way – if you just ask (but I can’t do this with my wife cause it’ll embarrass her!).

Medical bills? TOTALLY negotiable. But I can remember a time long, long ago when a medical bill would drop into my mailbox and I would dutifully pay whatever the bill said I owed. NO LONGER!!! Last Christmas Eve while you were partying or opening gifts, you could find Kelli and me at a hospital emergency room in Lake Charles, Louisaiana. When all was said and done, I owed well over $1000! However, when I explored what Medicare (the only objective pricing method in the health industry) would pay for a couple of shots and an x-ray, it was just over $100!

Kelli had an $80 medical bill several weeks ago for some type of lab work. Of course, I could not stop myself from calling and asking for a discount. Without missing a beat, the billing lady told me she would take $40 since we were paying out of pocket. And this one was easy! All I had to do WAS ASK. Ask and you shall receive. I would rather BE A CHEAPSKATE and save money than pay more for something than it’s actually worth…any day.

What about you? What good deals have you managed? Tell us about a time when you JUST ASKED and got yourself a steal of a deal! (Respond here in the comments……..)


  • Harlan Ann says:

    Way to go, Brad. I need to be more aggressive in those matters.

    • Brad Moore says:

      Harlan…thanks for leaving a comment!!! I also think that it comes easier to ask for deals depending on a person’s personality. In that case, you could either “force yourself” or – have a family member of friend do it for you…depending on the situation!

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