Is EVERYTHING negotiable??

Pretty much. You know those hamburgers that Burger King failed to make your way for the upteenth time? They’re negotiable. Oftentimes, they’ll give them to you – along with the burgers made your way – if you just ask (but I can’t do this with my wife cause it’ll embarrass her!).

Medical bills? TOTALLY negotiable. But I can remember a time long, long ago when a medical bill would drop into my mailbox and I would dutifully pay whatever the bill said I owed. NO LONGER!!! Last Christmas Eve while you were partying or opening gifts, you could find Kelli and me at a hospital emergency room in Lake Charles, Louisaiana. When all was said and done, I owed well over $1000! However, when I explored what Medicare (the only objective pricing method in the health industry) would pay for a couple of shots and an x-ray, it was just over $100!

Kelli had an $80 medical bill several weeks ago for some type of lab work. Of course, I could not stop myself from calling and asking for a discount. Without missing a beat, the billing lady told me she would take $40 since we were paying out of pocket. And this one was easy! All I had to do WAS ASK. Ask and you shall receive. I would rather BE A CHEAPSKATE and save money than pay more for something than it’s actually worth…any day.

What about you? What good deals have you managed? Tell us about a time when you JUST ASKED and got yourself a steal of a deal! (Respond here in the comments……..)


  • Harlan Ann says:

    Way to go, Brad. I need to be more aggressive in those matters.

    • Brad Moore says:

      Harlan…thanks for leaving a comment!!! I also think that it comes easier to ask for deals depending on a person’s personality. In that case, you could either “force yourself” or – have a family member of friend do it for you…depending on the situation!

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