Saving Money on Eating Out

eating out

eating out

How is this for a great deal on eating out? First, find a soon-to-open Chick-Fil-A (we found one in Baton Rouge) and be one of the first 100 crazies to show up at 6:00 a.m. the day before opening. Second, stay overnight which means enduring bad weather, middle-of-the-night annoying car horns, and talkative neighbors. Last, shake hands with the manager and receive FREE CHICK-FIL-A FOR A YEAR – which translates into one free value meal for each week of the year! For my fellow gotta-get-a-deal friends out there, this is approximately a $300 value and the opportunity to eat out guilt-free!

For those of you wishing to save money in the eating out category on your budget, let me give you a little closer look at what happens. A parking lot cluttered with tents. Guys and children throwing football and/or frisbees in the middle of a school day. A local Baton Rouge radio station talkshow host taking calls over the loudspeaker (most of which deal with the greatness of LSU Tiger football!). The Chick-Fil-A staff organizing various games – relay races, limbo, hot potato, a scavenger hunt, etc. – throughout the day. And the day was capped off with dinner (chicken…what else?) and a movie (Toy Story 3 in the parking lot).

So here’s my top 4 list of why you ought to do a Chick-Fil-A campout thing….

  1. You can temporarily reduce the eating out budget line item to zero – obviously, you will be eating quite a bit of chicken if you do this but it sure beats cooking and washing dishes!
  2. Feed your adventurous side – now if you don’t have that side, maybe this is your grand chance to develop a new aspect of your personality??
  3. See what it’s like to be self-employed – I couldn’t or wouldn’t have done anything like this with my previous job… nearly all of the whopping 10 days of vacation were spent at Christmas & Thanksgiving.
  4. Your kids (at least if they’re 10 and under) will have a blast! – our kids loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat (this was their second…my first)

So here’s the question: When great savings deals have you discovered in regards to eating out?


  • Money Wizard says:

    The closest I have to a shopping adventure would have to be staying up all night and going to Wal-Mart at 6 AM to wait for the Wii the first day it came out. Although, I realize line camping has become quite popular with new releases, especially when it comes to video games, but it was my first time. Thankfully, I was smart and brought hand held games for me and my girlfriend at the time. I’m pretty uninhibited when it comes to certain things so, since Wal-Mart had us waiting in the lawn and garden department, I quickly snatched up the first few lawn chairs I found and used them while we were waiting. While not as much of an adventure compared to your story, it was still quite an adventure for me being a new experience and all that.

    The best adventures I have are concert stories, but we’ll save those for another day. 🙂

    • Brad Moore says:

      Sounds like an adventure to me! Anything that involves staying up all night counts when you are as old as I am.

      Thanks for commenting. Enjoyed your post about minimum credit card purchases. Had no idea!

  • Luke G. says:

    Does dragging a 15′ canoe 2 miles through a cornfield and briar patch in the dark with my wife, son, father-in-law, and very young nephew after an afternoon of low-water canoeing, and then walking along a fairly busy highway for another two miles without the canoe count as an adventure? 🙂

    As a person who spends most of their time tethered to a desk, I’ll admit that it felt great to be in an adrenaline-pumping survival mode for once. Of course, no one else in my party was enjoying that night very much… ^_^;; (At least it gave me a good excuse for a blog post on my site!)

    Maybe we should do the Chick-Fil-A thing for adventure instead this coming year… Thanks for the post!

    • Brad Moore says:

      Wow Luke…thanks for the comment! Sounds like an adventure to me! Looked like you had an adventure in Hawaii also – based on the pics on your site. I had one of those also.

      Thanks again for stopping by!! You are now in the running!

      • Luke G. says:

        Yes, our trip to Hawaii was definitely an adventure too! You could say we went to the furthest extents of the Big Island: from the beacon at the peak of Mauna Kea to a private, lava tube tour in caves underground.

        IIRC, that photo on my profile page is from about 10K feet up the side of Mauna Kea (above the clouds!).

        I see that you got to swim with mantas there. I imagine that was pretty amazing!

  • Laura Riley says:

    It sounds like great fun! I don’t know if I am still that adventurous, but I once was. It’s funny how getting older has changed my adventurous spirit. I do love Chick fil a! Thanks for the fun pictures!

    • Brad Moore says:

      Hey Laura….thanks for commenting!! Much as I hate to admit it, I think I’ve lost some of my adventurous spirit as well. I can NEVER see swimming in the Red Sea at night now!! I’ll have to tone it down a bit…but not too much! Thanks again.

  • Harlan says:

    Also good “activity” for this senior citizen nana!!

    • Brad Moore says:

      Thanks for the comment! I hear there may be another store opening in your part of the country: New Orleans. May want to check it out!

  • Brad, Sounds like a memorable adventure, and a good value to boot.

    • Brad Moore says:

      Hey Barb…thanks for the comment and being the first one in the running! Hope you like Chick-Fil-A!

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