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Ashley and Brandon


Simplified, Organized, & Began Controlling Spending!
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GT Auto


Expected Savings of nearly $25,000 in 2013!
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"I found it very beneficial to organize my spending and review it with a professional (such as Brad) in order to get a better handle on our family expenses. It was also helpful to have another’s perspective on where you stand on your spending habits (whether they are in line with majority). With Brad’s help, we were able to setup a more practical budget with a convenient way of tracking it. Additionally, we were given advice on next-steps to get an even better handle on our monies. "

− Ashley and Brandon Covington, Louisiana

"My husband and I kept wondering where our money was going and why we never had enough money to pay our bills. We needed help right away. Brad was able to set us up on a budget and now we can account for every penny. We are so much more at peace knowing where we spend our paychecks and knowing the bills are paid on time. We are paying off our debts bit by bit and hope to be totally debt-free within three years at the most (except for our house). He made the budget so simple for us. Before Brad, our finances were a train wreck, but now with Brad's help, we know we are headed in the right direction. He even helped my husband with some career coaching! Brad, thank you, thank you, thank you! Lynn and David Baton Rouge, Louisiana "

− Lynn and David from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"Brad approached my situation from a positive and thoughtful perspective. With his assistance, my monthly budget became organized, realistic, and manageable. It was extremely helpful to receive guidance in how to work the debt snowball method and next steps towards reaching the goal of being debt free. Brad brings a level of compassionate understanding and expertise in unraveling complicated financial situations. Thank you Brad!"

− Sola from Zachary, Louisiana

"What I found the most helpful about my coaching sessions with career coach Brad Moore) was the positive attitude he always brought. Job hunting is very stressful and he helped me feel less stressed about it. (He) worked with me on how to improve my job searching."

− Jeff from Hugo, OK

"As a business owner, I just don’t have the time to do the types of things Brad has been doing. I focus on taking care of my customers and growing my business… and I let Brad focus on the things I have no interest in! He has saved us nearly $2000 annually on phone and internet and $2500 annually on software. In fact, one of our employees has been inspired and similarly saved us $2700 annually on workman’s compensation insurance. That’s over $7000 yearly that is back in my pocket!”"

− Greg Roberts of GT Auto, Metairie, LA